Paper could be as strong as a rock or as delicate as a flower, it can be folded and cut in infinite ways, it can be found in thousands of colors and textures, it can be pasted and painted, paper can transform into anything you can imagine.


In almost four years of dedicating my time to paper art I haven't found a thing that can’t be expressed through paper. I'm always amazed with the transformation of plain sheets into all kinds of shapes and figures. It’s incredible how a piece of paper can share a whole story without writing a word on it.

I'm a freelancer that creates complete handmade concepts for any type of event or space. From conceptualization and design, to execution and installation. 




Florencia Alba Paper design is a small business born in May 2016, it started almost like a hobby and it quickly transformed, almost by accident, into my full time job and my passion. 

I discovered all the possibilities and wide range of things that can be created just using paper. And in almost four years of experience,  I've worked with a big range of clients: nightclubs, music festivals, malls, many different kinds of shops, photographers, event planners, cosmetic brands,  tech companies and a few others.