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Golden Ballet

"One day I too will dance inside a book."

MATERIAL: Sirio gold.

PHOTO: James and Moosehead 

(Foster Creative)

MODEL: Patricia Díaz

The goal of this (my first) collaboration with James and Moosehead was to create something with movement that could catch the eye of our public and show what can be done with just some pieces of folded paper. I wanted to create something organic with a fantasy tone, so I came up with this tutu made up of golden leaves pieces. Patricia gave life to it the moment she wore it and started to dance.    

Lauren Berry

The sun and her flowers

"despite knowing

they won't be here for long

they still choose to live

their brightest lives"

Wicho called and said he wanted to photograph a huge paper hat. So I that's what I did. His style, colors, lighting and a perfect blue spring sky fit perfectly with it and the detalied flower crown around it.  

MATERIAL: Cape cardstock, marbled bond, Color Plus, Majestic. textured Krnomecote. 

PHOTO: Wicho Franco 

MODEL: María Gabriela Bonilla

MAKEUP: Alan Bonilla

rupi kaur

New century Modern

"In another moment the world

seemed to be a very deep well,

plenty of time to wonder

what was going to happen next.

With cupboards and bookshelves:

here and there are maps and pictures hung

upon pegs."

MATERIAL: Marbeled Kromekote, Caple cardstock, Couche.

PHOTO: Wicho Franco

MODELS: Wicho Franco, Florencia Alba


If the Chiaroscuro was invented in the modern century instead of 17th and 18th centuries, Wicho franco and me would be the pioneers.  This is an Italian term which literally means 'light-dark'. In paintings the description refers to clear tonal contrasts.  


Do you really need that stuff that you’re planning to buy today?

Recycled Consumerism

PAPER: Shopping bags


MODELS: Joy Kidston and Kristen

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Johan Sorensen and James Cuthbert

VIDEO: Edward Moffat

Shopping has never been easier, that's why we decided to create this clothing, concept to make a statement on boxing day. To create awareness about consumerism and how most of the times we don't really need all those things that we're buying.