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"The Mass Genocide of Black and Brown people in the whole world is not new. The world has the blood of Black and Brown people on its hands. Racism has a deep rooted attachment to this soil. It has impacted our ability to see ourselves as beautiful, see ourselves in our natural states, protect our culture to share with whom appreciate our ancestry. Racism in the world has become systemic and passed down through generations.

Black people have been deprived of their lineage, deprived of their history, deprived of their very existence as human beings.
Black Lives Matter and they always will continue to matter. We will no longer stand by idle while we witness our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters and kinfolk be slaughtered by a system that told us we would not succeed. We continue to rise time and time again.

My skin is not a weapon, but a reflection of the sun. My hair is not nappy, but a mirroring structure of the branches on a tree. My laugh shouldn’t offend you as it’s a roaring symphony."

Dahlia Midyette.

June, 2020 Toronto.


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